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The custom flooring solution that covers it all.
  TechFloor is a fully customizable flooring solution great for residential and commercial spaces. Using our revolutionary manufacturing process, we were able to create a simple interlocking modular floor tile system that features two distinct materials molded into a single tile. The result is a completely customizable floor that fits anywhere - from showroom floors to playrooms and everything in between. TechFloor is offered in two styles - Premium Tiles with TractionSquares and Solid Tiles with Raised Squares. Each tile is available in seven colors.  
  TechFloor's advanced manufacturing process produces an extremely rugged and low-profile plastic tile with attractive TractionSquares™ for wet-or-dry non-slip use, while the soft-touch underside offers incredible grip to virtually any floor.  

Each tile has 2 edges with loops and 2 edges with tabs which quickly attach to each other by laying the tab of one tile over the loop of the next and snapping them into place. TechFloor™ is available in multiple tile sizes and border options to allow fast wall-to-wall installation without the need to cut or trim.



The floor for everything.

TechFloor™ was developed to address the problems that other flooring products couldn't solve. How do you create an affordable floor that can be used in any space, look exactly how you want, and is durable and versatile enough to handle anything?

We've engineered unique tile types, features, and sizes to create the perfect floor without breaking the bank.
Premium Tile with TractionSquares™
    -Features dual-material TractionSquares™
    -Added stability and traction on both the surface and underside of the tile even when wet
Solid Tile
    -Raised squares provide added traction
    -Single material one-shot process offers additional traction
    -Smooth surface makes cleaning a breeze
    -Create the perfect looking floor for any space  

The right look for your space.

TechFloor™ has you covered.

You might be building the ultimate man-cave or improving a work space, art studio, or mud room. You might just need a way to keep your floors in tip-top shape. Unlike other flooring solutions, TechFloor's customizable look and versatility make it the right choice for any space.

TechFloor™ is easy to clean, easy to move, easy to assemble/disassemble, and can be used for a whole room or simply to protect your floor from heavy tools, appliances, or wear and tear. Take a look at our testimonials page to see how other customers use TechFloor™!   There are hundreds of uses for TechFloor™, including:  
*play room
*mud room
*laundry room
*utility room
*garage flooring
*game room
*weight room
*yard house

  Tiles and Borders: Polypropylene (non-porous)
  Traction Squares:  Thermopolymer Elastomer (textured)
Standard Tiles (4):   12x12 and 3x12 (inches)
  304.8x304.8 and 76.2x304.8 (millimeters)
Tile Height: Standard TechFloor™ tiles are 1/4" thick.
  Available Colors
  Red, Red/Black, Blue, Blue/Black, White, White/Black, Dark Grey, Dark Grey/Black, Grey, Grey/Black, Black, Black/Black, Tan and Tan/Brown
  Temperature Tolerance
  TechFloor™ was designed primarily for indoor use. Prolonged exposure to sunlight or extreme outdoor conditions may cause the tiles to expand or contract to undesirable effect.
  Weight Tolerance
  TechFloor™ tiles are designed to withstand up to 100 lbs per square inch.
  TechFloor® is a snap together, plastic modular floor tile system that is meant to move freely(floating floor). This flooring is recommended for installation in an environment where the vehicle is only required to drive-off or drive-on in a straight direction.
  • This floor is not recommended for installation in areas where vehicle(s) are required to turn, particularly where a hard turn is required.
  • This floor is not recommended for use with a vehicle utilizing a Limited Slip or Locked Differential, as any slight turns made will cause the tires to drag across the floor.
  • This floor is not recommended for use with a vehicle utilizing extremely wide tires, as any slight turns made will cause dragging of the floor.
  • This floor is not recommended to be used with lifts, where the tires come in contact with the floor, as raising and lowering the vehicle will cause the tires to drag across the floor during the normal camber movement of the suspension.
  • This floor is not recommended for extremely heavy vehicles.
  Putting forces such as these on this floor will cause the floor to possibly lift, buckle and/or break apart. Use in this manner is considered an abuse of the product and is not covered under the warranty.

Premium quality at an affordable price.
  While TechFloor™ offers flexibility and customization for any style or floor space, its advantages don't end there. Starting at $1.99 per square foot, it's also the most financially-savvy custom flooring solution available. Our efficient manufacturing processes and decades of experience in working with high quality materials and precision design allow us to pass on the savings to you.

Check out our Floor Builder to explore our pricing and get an estimate for your flooring project or feel free to contact us directly for a quote at 1-800-441-6287 or sales@weathertech.com.

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  View our image galleries with detailed photographs of our TechFloor™ Tiles, Installation walk-throughs, and TechFloor™ in use.   TechFloor™ was designed with easy installation in mind. Get more detailed information and installation guides on our Easy Installation page.   There might be a lot to consider when designing your floor or improving your space. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page to help clear things up.   TechFloor™ really is a revolution in custom flooring solutions, and it's getting rave reviews. See what others have to say about TechFloor™!   See what your floor could look like, test out a small section for your work space, see our available tile assortments, or go nuts and build the floor you've always wanted on our
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