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Name Paul T. Roy Product TechFloor
After a lot of research on what to do for my garage floor we decided to go with the TechFloor. The Representative(Melissa Grady) from TechFloor helped us through the process and floor plan with a list of exactly what we needed so there was no waste.
The floor was amazingly easy to put down and we really had fun doing it.
I would recommend this TechFloor to anyone looking to really spruce a floor.

Easy and Awesome

Name Anonymous Product TechFloor
I had wanted to do something with the garage floor for years, but it was too costly or complex. But with TechFloor it was easy, and the cost will vary with your design choices. And there are pieces available for the odd corners.

After going through many designs we went with a Jeep 7-slot grill under my Grand Cherokee, and a Trailhawk design under my wife's Jeep. And some rubberized tiles for landings and workspaces.

Our floor looks awesome, is warmer in the winter, and we keep the garage cleaner now.

Finally did it!

Name Anonymous Product TechFloor
I always wanted to do my garage floor. I was planning on doing a quality floor paint but I knew that it would take a lot of time to complete. The floor would have to be done in stages so everything in the garage could be shifted from one side to the other. And don't forget drying time. With TechFloor, the whole two car garage was done in one day. Chris from WeatherTech planned everything out for me and ordered exactly what I needed with very little extra. Overall an excellent experience and the floor looks great.

Garage Floor

Name Anonymous Product TechFloor
Absolutely love my TechFloor. I got great advise and tech support for installation from Chis (at WeatherTech). It was VERY easy to install (if I can do it, anyone can!). I constantly get complements from friends and neighbors.
Easy Install - We'll provide clear and easy instructions to get you from start to finish.
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