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Workout gym

Name Connie C. Product TechFloor
I installed the WeatherTech TechFloor in my basement to replace some nasty rubber mats underneath some work out equipment. The stuff snapped together easily and looks great. I admit this picture doesn’t do it much justice, but this isn’t a review about my cleaning or photography skills after all – thank goodness, because no one will be impressed with those. As for TechFloor, the stuff was so easy to install that my 8 year old son even pitched in and helped me with the whole project. I repeat: Install easy enough for a child and he had a blast! The stuff is awesome, it doesn’t let the cold through, it doesn’t get slippery when wet, and it quieted up the machines a bunch compared to when they were on bare ceramic tile. I only wish this product had come out before I spent the money to tile that room While not cheap, I could have done the room for less with TechFloor than it cost to install all that ceramic tile. If I could do it over again, I’d just put this stuff throughout the whole basement, including the kids’ play area, and around the washer and dryer. Easy to install, very easy to clean (even though I’m not that good at that part), and so much better than a cold concrete floor whether it is your garage or your basement. Sure beats painting or any of the other snap together mats and tiles I’ve seen and used.

Garage floor

Name Brad S. Product TechFloor
I got the WeatherTech TechFloor as an alternative to some of the other garage tiles or painting. I’ve seen way too many epoxy jobs that haven’t ended well, so I started looking for tiles, but many of them were pretty thick and seemed like they would be awfully slippery when wet. The TechFloor tiles are about half as thick and with the traction squares, I haven’t slipped on them yet. I’ve beat the crap out of them too: car, truck, motorcycle, gas, oil, mud, sand, salt all with no issues or damage and that was all just last week it seems! I cleaned them up once, I was bored and wondering if they would actually come clean again. I ended up using the WeatherTech TechCare mat cleaner I had for my floor liners. I’m not sure if they had these tiles in mind when they made the cleaner, but it worked great. Maybe the traction squares are the same material as the liners. If so, they should hold up a long time. I’ve had WeatherTech liners for years and they show zero wear. So, the tiles looked like new for a couple days and then my kids and I had them dirty again a few days later. Still it is great to know I can clean them up if I want to. My kids love the design, they asked for a big checker board, they got one. It also matches with a certain brand of tools I have in the garage - so I let them think it was their idea all along. My garage gets a lot of attention from the neighbors just because of the floor. Even a few delivery drivers have stopped and asked questions about it while dropping off packages. With all the color combinations and options, you can really customize this the way you want. Maybe I should have been more creative, but hey I’m happy and so are my kids.

My TechFloor garage

Name Anonymous Product TechFloor
My TechFloor installed quickly and easily. It covers the uneven cracks in my garage floor with no problems. None of the chemicals I’ve spilled on it so far have damaged it (oil, gas, brake fluid, WD40 . . .). It is not slippery like some other floor products I’ve used. Overall, I’m very satisfied!
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